PCC Elections

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PCC  Membership Elections

There are several vacancies on the Parochial Church Council and it is particularly important at this time that we have full representation during the Parish Vacancy and selection process for a new Incumbent.

Canon Law allows for the appointment of new PCC members during the year to fill casual vacancies provided that it is more than 2 months before the next APCM.

Following a recent resignation and changes of Role within the PCC  with pre-existing vacancies there are now a  total of   4 PCC Vacancies for  St Mary's and 1 for Christ Church.

If you are interested in  serving on the PCC, nomination forms are  available at the back of Church or from the Parish Office .   The PCC will  elect new members on Thursday 13th September 2018. 

                                                                                                                                                                     The Churchwardens